Day trip to Bangkok!

So I landed in Bangkok last night and I spent my first day today discovering Siam Square and its surrounding areas.

Stumbled across a place called Hello Kitty House by chance!

A funny sign I saw as well while walking hahaha.

Pink traffic cones which were so cool and only made even better by the pink Thai taxis and Tuk Tuk vehicles on the road too.

A tuk tuk of which I rode with Dad to Jim Thompson's house to learn more about Thai history.

You're not allowed to take pictures of the artefacts but here's a picture of a pot in the garden outside.

And a picture of me outside the house as well.

Jim Thompson was born in 1906 and was an American architect who collected Buddhist and Thai art and furniture and made them popularised in the U.S. He disappeared at the age of 61 and what happened to him afterwards is a mystery.

I then did some shopping for an awesome hello kitty shirt and watch--

And here's the resulting outfit of the day:

After doing more shopping and finding circle lenses for only the equivalent of 4 AUD, I came back to the hotel to seek refuge from the heat and we had dinner nearby as well.

All in all a great day in Thailand! Didn't get to do as much as I wanted as I'm jet lagged but we are flying back to Indonesia tomorrow afternoonand then I leave back to Melbourne (home sweet home!) on Thursday...I'll try to fit in a Thai massage before then but maybe not at Miss Puke's.

Thanks for catching up with me! See you next time,

Ketsuban xoxo



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