Stargazing and The Zoo! - Valentine's Day Weekend

So for Valentine's Day Gil and I arranged different things for each other! During the day we went to an open range zoo and got to see lots of super cool animals!

Such as...Zebras!

And ostrich!
And the super cute Hippo!

Those were just some, we also saw Lion cubs and their momma, a snake, etc!

After that we came home to eat dinner and then went to a planetarium to see a screening of Musica, the Japanese science-art film! That was what I organized because Gil loves space. They had cheese and wines, the cheese was super yummy. We also got to hold some meteorites that were 4700 years old! I didn't get to take many pictures since I was enjoying it so much and the lighting was bad at night...but it was so awesome to go to the Planetarium!

Thanks for catching up with me,
Ketsuban xoxo



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