Seeing the Deadpool Movie! Valentine's Day Weekend - Saturday Night

So on Saturday night my boyfriend Gil and I went to see the new deadpool movie which I had been super hyped to see for months! I tried out Taylor R's recent heart braid hairstyle (although not really from her tutorial, she reminded me about the hairstyle which I'd seen Dakota Rose do quite a while ago).

I found it hard to do by myself but Gil helped me pin it properly and it turned out well in the end!

I got chocolate and a bouquet of roses!!! I was surprised he had time to get them for me since we live together and it would be difficult to hide!

So what made this movie date special is that they were screening Deadpool at a drive in cinema which are kinda rare nowadays! But we arrived and managed to secure a spot front and center!

With half an hour until the movie starts, we went and explored the food truck festival that was in conjunction with the screenings run by the Cinema and a short walk from the screens. For those who don't know because when I first came to Melbourne I'd never seen one before, a food truck is literally a truck and inside they have a kitchen and they serve food while mobile! There was lots to choose from...from fro-yo to Indian food! I got vegetarian samosas. There were about seven trucks if I remember correct?

We wanted to get some popcorn too so we went into building the cinema set aside for typical cinema snackage...

There were so many people though! The line extended outside...So it took a while but finally we were ready to see the flick!!!

We walked back to the car just in time to see only 2 remaining ads and the movie started!

I really enjoyed it, the humor was good and it really lived up to my expectations! Ryan Renolds was a good pick for the role despite my initial doubts. It was a nice change from the other Marvel movies which are a lot more dramatic...

It was a super romantic evening and all in all Deadpool is a must see movie!!! Have you seen it? What did you think?

Thanks for catching up with me,
Ketsuban xoxo



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