Sakura Kaiten Sushi | Melbourne Cheap Eats #1

Hi guys! So I wanted to do a bit of a review of Sakura Kaiten Sushi, because I'd love to share some cheap eats here in Melbourne with you all.

Conveniently located next to Melbourne Central, this cheap sushi train restaurant is a must visit.

Sakura Kaiten from the outside:

The entryway is decked in anime merch.

The best thing about Sakura Kaiten is that it's a sushi train restaurant, those are super convenient!

And the reason it's listed as a cheap eat is that you can get their lunch special for only $3.8! Also for a light lunch, most of the dishes are reasonably priced and there are vegetarian options available. For example, this bowl was egg and tofu udon and they have egg sushi as well, just to name a couple of vegetarian friendly dishes.

If you don't have any dietary requirements, there are plenty of fish to choose from and also rice dishes. The menu has a lot to offer!

Thanks for catching up with me! See you next time!

Ketsuban. Xx



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