My July Favorites! (2016)

Hey everyone! Since July is almost over now I figured I would share a run down of my favorite things for the month. This month is super special as well because it's my birthday month!

B o o k s

Seed by Lisa Heathfield was a gripping read about life inside a cult that combined very dark, borderline horror elements with young adult fiction in a way that's very stomachable, for the most part. It's definitely a good thrilling read I'd recommend.

One by Sarah Crossan wasn't a thriller, but was also a young adult fiction novel following the lives of conjoined twins Grace and Tippi as they go to highschool for the first time. It's also definitely a recommended read from me!


Bojack Horseman season 3 was absolutely amazing. The show reached new heights in both emotional intensity and gut-busting comedy. The absurdist premise is so valuable to keeping the viewer's attention while things build up to expose raw and very real issues pertaining to the entertainment industry, a woman's place in society and consumerism, just to name a few. TL;DR the show is dramatic and funny, definitely a must watch for everyone especially those who are a fan of adult animated cartoons (not the sexy kind 😋).

Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 12 has been a highlight to my weekly July routine because I find the Kardashians to be genuinely funny. I also love their tight-knit family dynamic and watching them live their luxurious lifestyles. For me it's relaxing to see their houses and vacations and how organised and calm everything is. It's helped through some tough days this month.

B e a u t y

3ina (pronounced Mina) is a newly launched cosmetics brand I tried out recently, completely VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. I got their foundation and some eyeshadow colors, as well as their pink color mascara. The foundation is AWESOME and for its price is definitely worth it as a great premium foundation! Here's some pics of the products I've tried out so far and how I look wearing it.

Definitely check out 3ina if it's available near you and give the new brand some support!

R a n d o m

Pokemon GO has been super fun...I'm team Valor! Do you play? What team are you?

Bonsoy soymilk has been a total game changer for me, I've been wanting to cut out milk because I'm slightly intolerant and also for ethical reasons! But I can't stand the taste of soymilk otherwise. Finding bonsoy was amazing because I can't even tell the difference with my cereal, it doesn't have the nasty aftertaste some brands do!

Thanks for catching up with me! See you next time,

Ketsuban. xo



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