The White Rabbit Brewery

Hi guys! It's Ketsuban here. Today I visited the White Rabbit brewery in Geelong. I got to partake in some beer tastings and learn more about how they make it.

So White Rabbit and Little Creatures are owned by Lion, the biggest beer producers in Australia. They also own the licensing for brewing Guinness, Heineken and other beer brands. As I approached, I saw the brewery was huge with high fences guarding it. Grand and somewhat intimidating, I was shown by a security guard to a path leading around a few corners. I was brought to a little part of the factory used for beer tasting. Here's what it looks like inside.

The fridges stocked White Rabbit beer, including the "Red" beer which is a new beer they're just starting to release. I got to try it and it was really enjoyable!

I also got to try a beer that was brewery exclusive, only available on their taps at the moment. They added rose and raspberry syrup to my glass which was super yummy. It's really cool that you can drink beer with additions like that, it's certainly not something I'd tried before.

I got to try their "Curious?" beer which is an additional beer they provide with the tastings that changes depending on what experimentations the brewery is doing. I also got to try the standard "Dark" beer, "White" beer and their Pale Ale. I enjoyed all of the beers a lot aside from the pale ale, which didn't have too much of a standout flavor.

If you are in the Geelong area and like beer, the White Rabbit and Little Creatures brewery is definitely something you should check out.

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  1. What a lovely place ! Sorry but may i know your real name , my girl Ketsuban ?


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