Circle Lens Review - Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown!

First off I'd like to say this is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience with the website honey color! This was my first time purchasing lenses online so I was a bit nervous. The lenses I got are Almond Brown in color and from the Geo Princess Mimi series. I got them for half price as they were on sale, even though other sites I checked didn't even have them in stock because they were so popular!

On the right is the delivery package from honey color, on the left is the lens packaging.

They came with the free gift of a pink blowfish lens case!

Including express shipping all up it cost only 11 USD and I received them in only a few days. The gif is how they look in my eye, they’re very natural! Definitely love love these and would recommend the honeycolor website for your circle lens related cosplay and beauty needs! They’re based in Malaysia so would be especially fast shipping to South East Asia and Australasia regions.

All in all, I would give these lenses a definite 10/10! They helped me achieve the dolly eye/cosplay big eye I was after while still looking so natural, you can barely tell they're there!

Catch you next time!



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