I dyed my hair blond on accident!

Hi everyone, I hope your day/night is going well!

About two weeks ago I went to Shunji Matsuo in Lippo Mall, my all time favorite place to get my hair styled. It has a nice atmosphere, some cool japanese magazines to read while you get your hair done, it's in a convenient location near my home and the service is professional and friendly. I'd been wanting to dye my hair for a while, just a little bit of a lighter brown for a not too drastic change. Since I just graduated, I wanted a new start!

Sugai is the stylist I always go to. I trust him, he cuts my bangs really well and is always super nice and always has interesting things to say. Plus I like talking a teensy bit of japanese with him! So we picked out a color that seemed suitable. It was a light brown.

But this was the results!

Much lighter than I expected! But you know, I still really like it. It's a lot more edgy than my look was before and it's definitely the change I wanted.

The only problem after that was how to do my eyebrows, but I found the dolly wink eyebrow mascara in "milk tea". It's the lightest color, but it matches my hair to the tea (sorry bad pun).

This is the product!

And this is a picture of me with my eyebrows done with the product. I really like how it looks! Sorry for the strange expression though hehe x'D

Here's a picture of me with my natural dark brown hair and the same hairstyle. How does it compare? I'll probably go back to my old color at some point in the near future, but I like being a blond for now!



  1. It looks great! I'd be so scared of dyeing my hair blonde, but it's nice to know you're happy with it even though it wasn't on purpose ! o.o
    You're gorgeous! That product looks great, too.

    x //blog//


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