The Little Things: Rose and Apple Tea

While everywhere else in the world people are enjoying the summer weather, back here in the Southern Hemisphere it's freezing cold (I've been back from London for a week now). It was 6 degrees celsius yesterday but the real feel was -1! So I visited T2 and got some new teas to cheer me up. I got the flavors Black Rose, Ruby Red Rosehip and Apple Crumble.

Ruby Red Rosehip looks like this when opened up. I used about 3 teaspoons.

And another teaspoon of the Apple Crumble tea mix.

Then added water. At this point the aroma was a fragrant, flowery and fruity mix!

I left it to settle for 5 minutes to really soak in the flavour.

Then time to drink it!

I've done my nails a light blue with glitter edges in spirit of the winter season here in Australia...

Yummmmm! ❤️❤️❤️

I think it's important to stay positive even if it's your least favorite season. Especially in winter it's easy to get depressed due to lack of sunlight and general gloomy weather-ness...So, what's your favorite thing about winter? Mine is definitely TEA! Also fluffy indoor shoes!

Stay happy and beautiful! Thanks for catching up with me!

Ketsuban. xo



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